Friday, January 8, 2010

Data Update for 2010

If you have been tracking my website, you probably know that I maintain updated datasets for companies around the globe, classified by region (into the US, Emerging Markets, Europe and Japan). I report summary statistics on risk (beta etc.), profitability measures (margins and accounting returns) and debt/dividend measures for industry groups in each region.

I update the data at the start of every year and I have just completed the data update for January 2010. You can get the data by going to:
I have added two new datasets this year - for just Indian and Chinese companies.

In coming blog posts, I will talk about what the updates tell us about companies and markets globally.


  1. Prof. Damodaran, I'm trying to get an update for the "Ratings, Spreads and Interest Coverage Ratios" from the "Capital Structure" topic. However I see "Date of Analysis: Data used is as of January 2009". Has this data set been updated to January 2010?

  2. Oops. Missed that one. Will get it updated by this weekend.

  3. Thanks!!!!! Really helps to get the info. I don't have access to finance dates which are on paid-subscription and your Database helps me immensely.

  4. Thank you Sir !! Avid follower of your lectures/teachings - Bhushan Kodibagkar


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