Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First thoughts

I must confess that I have mixed feelings about blogs. I do read quite a few on a variety of topics, but I have held back on starting one of my own for two reasons - first, I am not sure that I have enough to say that is interesting on a continuous basis and second, everything I say will be online for better or worse. Anyway, now that I have made the leap, here is what I hope to put on this blog on a regular basis. 
1. I will try to put down my thoughts and reactions to the news of the day, with an emphasis on how the news fits into my big picture view of corporate finance and valuation.
2. I will t follow some central themes in finance - equity risk premiums, the measurement of risk - and provide regular updates on interesting research in the area and how my thinking is evolving on the topic.
3. Once in a while, I will highlight a company that I am valuing and ask for your thoughts on the valuation.
I hope you will enjoy my ranting. 


_aleseks said...

It will be great to read some of your thoughts.

I've been visiting your site since 2003 regularly.

Good luck and hope some day to assit one of your clases I hold a master degree in Finance in Boliva.


Madhusudan Rao said...


It is really good so see professors from esteemed universities reaching out to people around the world. I have gained a lot of knowledge from your webcasts, sitting here in India.

I think i will gain a lot of insights regarding the recent turmoil in the US financial markets and the ripple effect it has had in India. But once again, based on some of your evaluation methodologies, I was able to get book some profits.

thanks and regards,

Carlo Capasso said...

Dear Professor,
it will be a pleasure read your thoughts

Just like Alejandro and Maddy I improve my professional skills reading your books, using your website in my job.


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,
You are the one who dragged me in to valuation :) n m sure that you are going to keep me afloat now from this blog.

I really appreciate your way of thinking n teaching n m really luking forward to learn a lot from your best wishes wid u

the devil said...


The students and practioners will benefit greatly from your thoughts.

Please continue postings. Tell me if you need help uploading!!


Unknown said...

Dr. Damodaran,

I appreciate the time you have taken to express your ideas. They are a great benefit to me. I have been reading your most recent posts and decided to start at the beginning.

Thank you.

Rahul Mehta said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog and I amd going to read everything right from the first thought. Thank you for blogging. Its a privelege to read.