Sunday, September 6, 2009

Access to webcasts...

I have been web casting my classes for a few years now and it has always been a struggle maintaining open access. New York University would prefer to have the web casts be behind a password and I would prefer that they be open access. I think I have the upper hand, at least for the moment.

I do know that access to the web casts has been curtailed over the last few days. However, this is more the result of IT system upgrades than a deliberate attempt by NYU to restrict access. The problem should be fixed by next week and access should resume. I am sorry!


Neil said...

Thank you for fighting to keep them open access. I for one have found them very valuable!

Why do you keep them open access (not that I want you to change your mind)? There is obviously substantial value in your course. As demonstrated by the price for your executive courses.

Cheers, Neil

Manish said...

You epitomize the idea of providing knowledge to one who seeks and not just the one who has ability to pay.

Thanks for keeping the web casts open despite the trouble.

Stevan Harnad said...

Tell NYU about MIT.

Padmanabhan said...

Thanks a lot for having them open access. I was an engineer with zero knowledge in finance and I have learnt a lot after watching your lectures. Thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

Finance is an interesting and vital topic but the financial world is dry and not generous.
Your website is a model of intellectual generosity showing the road to students and teachers
I am a professional and a teacher. Your website must stay open and become a model

epicentar said...

I am entering the world of corporate finance, and your webcasts are the most valuable help I can get, since the full course price is beyond my reach for now.

Thank you very much for your generosity professor, and many thanks go to New York University as well, for their support, regardless of how willing it may be. :)

David Portillo said...

Prof. Damodaran, you and your website were the biggest sources of knowledge for me to start teaching a class on Valuation in El Salvador. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and spreading education.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir, Thank you very much. I shout at the top of my voice to express my gratitude for making the webcasts accessible again. My life almost came to a standstill for a major part of last week because of the password protection of webcasts. Hopefully I would again resume with the same intensity in the coming days.

Take Care.

Chase said...

Keep fighting the good fight. The videos are a great contribution to not only the academia community but the finance world in general.

Immortal said...

Prof has mentioned i guess on his website under Mission Statement to those wanting to know the reason for open access...Humility personified...



Bruno said...

Professor Damodaran, I must thank you for keeping the access to your webcasts opened.

Your videos and all the information you provide through your website have an incommensurable value to my studies and to my research.

You must know that in Brazil the access to financial information is poor and expensive. Your website is an outstanding source of knowledge and best way to find high quality information.

best regards


Big A said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the countinous fight for free access. I know that this is not your primary motive - but you can tell them that you and open access are probably the main reason why so many people want to get into your executive courses which bids their prices up. I for one cannot imagine myself at any other executive course, other than yours, when the time comes.


MARS said...

thanks you sir,
I most humbly thanks you for providing this course not only you but the NYU as well. As I am from totally backward financial background. I somehow manage to have PC and the internet connection. For this i had taught computer at primary level for four years.
Its'hard work and saved money using which i was able you have it. And as i have one of you books. I always dreams to see you and and heard you.

thanks a lot for your Open course access.
(there is something we can't define by words only)

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Anonymous said...

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